Dedicated to protecting the world’s five oceans.

Grant Database

This database includes all grants beginning in 2011.

Region Country Organization Year Amount
Central America Belize, Honduras Smithsonian Institution, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), and the Centre for Marine Studies (CEM) 2016 $1,300,000
Canada Ecology Action Centre (EAC), Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS), West Coast Environmental Law, and David Suzuki Foundation 2016 $1,353,000
Oceania Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Micronesia Conservation Trust (MCT) 2016 $800,000
Global Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA), Global Partnership for Sharks and Rays (GPSR) 2016 $2,500,000
Europe Adriatic Sea MedReAct, Legambiente, and Marevivo 2016 $439,000
Caribbean Bahamas The Nature Conservancy (TNC), The Bahamas National Trust (BNT), and The Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation (BREEF) 2016 $1,200,000
Global Oceans Unite and the Marine Conservation Institute 2016 $60000
Global Global Partnership for Sharks and Rays 2016 $2,500,000
Polar Antarctica Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition 2017 $900,000
Asia Japan GR Japan 2017 $2,000,000
Oceania Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands Wildlife Conservation Society 2017 $825,000
Global Stimson Center 2017 $200,000
Oceania Tonga International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s Oceania Regional Office and the Vava'u Environment Protection Association 2017 $730,000
Global Plastic Solutions Fund 2017 $1,500,000
South America Argentina, Chile Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the Forum for the Conservation of the Patagonian Sea and Areas of Influence 2017 $980,00
South America Uruguay GAIA Foundation 2017 $224,000
Europe British Overseas Territories International Pole and Line Foundation (IPNLF) 2017 $560,000
Central America, South America Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama Interamerican Association for Environmental Defense (AIDA) 2017 $444,000
Caribbean Cuba Environmental Defense Fund 2017 $460,000
Caribbean Cuba Wildlife Conservation Society 2017 $500,000