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Protecting Niue

Oceans 5 supports local non-profit Tofia Niue, in partnership with Government of Niue in the Niue Ocean Wide (NOW) project to conserve and sustainably manage Niue’s waters.

Niue is the largest raised atoll on earth.  Nestled between Tonga and the Cook Islands, the little-known Polynesian country is concerned that the current paradigm for piecemeal ocean management is not optimal nor reflective of its true value. In 2015, Niue launched the NOW project, aiming to improve livelihoods of Niueans through the conservation and sustainable use of the entire 316,584 km2 exclusive economic zone (EEZ). By creating tightly-managed resource use zones and a world-class marine reserve, Niue’s global profile as a pristine eco-tourism destination will rise, as will its contribution to global marine conservation.

The project expects to strengthen the partnership between the Government of Niue, civil society and the private sector. Activities include stakeholder consultations, scientific analysis, educational workshops and development of marine management and enforcement/compliance plans.  Oceans 5 expects to support the NOW project for three years, beginning in late 2015.


The Limu Pools, one of many unique cave pools on Niue. Photo by Niue Tourism

The Limu Pools, one of many unique cave pools on Niue. Photo by Niue Tourism.