Oceans 5 is an international funders’ collaborative comprised of new and experienced philanthropists dedicated to protecting the world’s five oceans. We focus our investments and support on large, opportunistic projects and campaigns to establish marine reserves and constrain overfishing.

Our Projects

Oceans 5 supports results-oriented conservation projects throughout the world.

We prefer time-bound efforts involving multiple organizations working toward common policy objectives. Our work focuses on projects to stop overfishing and to establish marine reserves, the two highest ecological priorities identified by marine scientists. We are inspired by opportunities, particularly ones that can bring lasting benefits to coastal communities.


Our Work

Oceans 5 makes direct grants, provides in-kind services and shares strategic guidance to support our grantees.

We analyze opportunities, solicit proposals and, sometimes, help co-create projects. We also engage and assist members of our own collaborative to help projects succeed and to strengthen ocean conservation philanthropy.

Our Structure

Partners contribute $1 million annually, while Members provide significant project-specific financial support.

Our Partners and Members direct our work.  We are a sponsored project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Inc., with highly qualified staff and exceptionally low overhead.

Our Results

Oceans 5 projects are time-bound, typically defined by 3-year objectives with shorter- term milestones.

Oceans 5 is supporting several other collaborative projects which are expected to deliver significant results in 2014. The Oceans 5 Board recently authorized several new projects that we expect will deliver additional results in future years.